If you’ve ever bumped into a metal post that’s set up near a roadway or a parking lot, you’ve probably wondered why it was there in the first place. You may not have realized it at the time, but these posts play an essential role in protecting pedestrians and drivers alike. They’re called bollards, and while they began as docking posts in shipyards, they’ve become an essential to the safety and security of many urban spaces.


You may associate these posts as purely functional. A common form is often painted fluorescent yellow and features a domed top. But as urban design has become more popular, property owners and city planners alike have started to install more adventurous, sophisticated models. Modern bollards incorporate a range of extra features that extend their functionality and make them blend in more readily with their environment. The right contemporary bollard can improve the appearance of your environment, whether it’s placed in front of a storefront, on a curve in a road, or on a walkway.


Read on to learn more about how modern bollards guide your everyday encounters.

They Keep Pedestrians and Drivers Safe

Businesses and urban planners often install contemporary security bollards as an accident prevention measure. If a vehicle spins out of control on a road or loses control in a parking lot, they could cause excessive harm if they crash into a building or a crowd of people. Modern bollards represent a line of defense against these disasters, preventing cars from hitting vulnerable pedestrians or infrastructure.

They Prevent Robberies

Unfortunately, not every car crash is accidental. Some thieves will try anything to gain access to a store’s valuables, and this includes putting others in harm’s way. They’ll occasionally use a car as both a diversion and an entry point, driving through a storefront and robbing it in the ensuing panic.

In these instances, contemporary security bollards act as a valuable preventative measure. Their structural integrity ensures that cars will stop upon impact, which keeps robbers from barreling through a store window and killing innocent bystanders. Bollards are also arranged so that they’re far enough from a store to prevent large-scale injury or damage, further protecting businesses and clientele.

They Can Be Used as Light Fixtures

Dark parking lots and sidewalks pose a safety risk if not lit properly. Fortunately, LED bollards are lighting up these areas for pedestrians, bathing the surrounding area in a warm glow. This has both an aesthetic and functional appeal. It increases visibility and safety, but it also promises an ambience that will make any property more appealing.

They Can Be A Cyclist’s Best Friend

Cyclists face plenty of danger on their daily commute. Even though many cities are creating dedicated lanes for cyclists, car drivers often disregard them. The densest cities are turning to bollards to protect cyclists. Many times, these are not security bollards to stop a vehicle, but are meant to delineate bike lanes and deter cars from entering them. These bollards won’t stop a vehicle, but are often more attractive and less expensive to install than security bollards.  Sometimes, these bollards will be used at crosswalks as a signal to pedestrians to watch out before stepping out into traffic and to prevent cars from cutting the corner on a street, driving up on the sidewalk.

They Also Serve an Aesthetic Function

Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned iron model, a brutalist stone divider or a hyper-modern metal pole, bollards can fit your property’s unique architectural and aesthetic qualities. Ugly features can make your space seem less appealing, but you can rest assured that bollards never have to detract from your style.